There are two variables that directly affect our metabolism, one is genetics and the other is exercise. I think a big reason as to why I’m a personal trainer in West Los Angeles is because my genetics were so crappy (sorry mom and dad) for managing my physique that I had to research and try everything to out-train my genetics.


Can we change our genetics?


Can we change our exercise?


Our goal is to get our metabolic rate higher than Miley Cyrus at a Snoop Dogg concert, so we can become a fat burning, lean muscle mass building machine.

miley – Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” is actually about a strongman competition she’s competing in

 Exercise variables that will have the biggest impact on your metabolic rate are:

  • Recovery (sleep, stress, etc.)

  • Intensity of the exercise

  • Duration

  • Type of exercise

  • Rest periods

  • Variation

Here’s some tools to hack each part of your training routine to get your metabolic rate through the roof.

Recovery – Box Breathing

Here’s a simple exercise that you can do for 3-5 minutes to elicit a recovery response from your body. Close your eyes, sit upright, and dim the lights. Breathe in for a count of 4 through your nose, hold for a count of 4, breathe out for a count of 4, and finally hold for another count of 4. This will slow your heart rate down, calm your mind, and get you deeper into that parasympathetic response to allow your body recovery time.

Box Breathing Technique – Box Breathing Technique 

Intensity of Exercise – Time your training sessions

What time of day are you able to push yourself the hardest? Morning, midday, evening? Try each time of day and find which works best for you.

Duration – Less is more

Anything over an hour and a half in one bout is overkill. Shorter more intense training sessions such as high intensity interval training (HIIT) burns 3x more fat than traditional steady state cardio.

Type of Exercise – Full body resisted movements activate more muscle and get your heart rate sky high.

Here’s my top 3:


Squats – Squats



Deadlift – Deadlift



pushups – pushups

Rest periods – Depends on the type of exercise.

I went over this last week, but here is the list again:

Explosive movements: 2-3 minutes

High rep movements (12-20): 30 seconds to 1 minute

Lower rep movements (1-8) should be 1-3 minutes.

Resting too little or too much can demolish the intensity your body will allow you to push during the exercise.


Variation – Too much variation and your body is not adapting to stresses and too little variation your results are going to plateau quick.

Create an exercise program and follow it for 4-6 weeks. Write 3-5 days of programming depending on how many days per week you will be working out.

Notice a common theme? Doing too much or too little of one variable will crush your metabolism. Incorporate these into your routine, but if you feel overwhelmed I wouldn’t shy away from seeking help from a fitness professional.

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