Dylan Conrad, Owner/Personal Trainer




People come to me to improve their health, physique, and function. I’ve worked with over 1500 clients, have 10 years of experience, and over the last year my clients have lost a total of over 1,000 pounds.

I believe the more advanced your diet and exercise are, the more rapid and transformative the results will be. My goal is to have you move better, and then have you move more. With our functional training system, you’ll burn body fat, better your health, and increase strength. All without hours of cardio, boring workouts, and crash diets.

  • B.S. Kinesiology
  • Functional Movement Screening (FMS)
  • Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS)
  • Precision Nutrition Coach
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Certified Massage Therapist
  • RockTape Athletic Tape Provider
  • Active Release Technique Practitioner
  • National Corporate Fitness Institute Certified


Larrell Gary, DC Fitness- Personal Trainer





The gym has been my sacred place since the beginning. As a young athlete growing up, I feel in love with the process of getter better and the idea that if you work hard enough you can reach your goals. I was what you called a gym rat that spent countless hours weight and basketball skill development training.

After my college basketball career I decided I wanted to be able to help others reach their performance/health goals as well. I started out doing strength and skill development training for basketball players in Chicago. This is where my passion to learn more about how to train the body to move better, sparked. I then went on to work at a gym in Chicago that specialized in kettle-bell and functional strength and conditioning body weight training. There I trained a diverse group of clients with a variety of different performance and health goals. From that point on the rest was history. I went on to further my knowledge by attending numerous seminars and certification courses.

  • A. Accounting
  • PTA Global-CPT
  • Monkey Bar Gym CNT II (Certification of Natural Training)


Jaslyn Elders, Director of Operations



Working in the fitness industry has allowed me to combine two of my passions; helping people and building a business. A recent college graduate, I’m using all the newest information in this field and applying them so I can enhance business efficiency. Through various internship in both corporate and traditional facilities I was able to learn first hand in real life situation. These experiences allowed me to identify three key traits I posses: a passion for success, the ability to motivate, and open-mindness. With this combination I have found creating bonds and connections with people is not an issue. I welcome all with open arms.

My goal is to provide a membership/program tailored to your individuals needs so through your investment a culture of accomplishment is created as an end result.  I implement system and procedure to make all client experiences positive, keep them satisfied, and motivated to return.

  • S. Kinesiology
  • National Corporate Fitness Institute Certified


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