Im pulling a Brett Farve, Im coming out off retirement and playing golf ONCE AGAIN.

Golf and me have a love and hate relationship; I’m either fully committed or completely cut off. Hopefully we can last this time around.

Repeated movement patterns are tasking, causing negative effects on the body. As a result you are much more prone to injury.

People often do not take the time and properly warm-up before hitting the green or driving range. Those small aches and pains will eventually turn into longer lasting chronic injuries.

Why not avoid this!?! This 5 minute warm-up will get you lose and limber. I guarantee you will have a better follow through in your swing which will allow you to drive the ball further.

Don’t play golf? No problems! This warm-up is applicable to all regardless the sport. Instead of a golf club use a dowel.

Hopefully this helps you put in the hole easier.

In Love & Cupcakes,


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